Made in ITALY

Italy, and in this case Tuscany, is famous all over the world for craftsmanship art and for leather processing: the whole region is in fact the cradle of the Italian production of high quality leather goods. Many tanneries, companies and manufacturers are based here, and their products that use leather and furs are exported all over the world under the evident Made in Italy brand.

The birth and development of this tradition is to be attributed to the Arno river, which crosses both the city of Florence and the of Pisa: since the Middle Ages, in fact, on its banks, the skin was tanned and then soaked. This waterway was also used for their transport to and from Florence and other nearby cities.

Walking through the streets of all the historic centers of the region, you immediately feel that this tradition is more alive and flourishing than never: there are still many artisan shops that carry on the ancient art of leather processing, and many streets are dedicated to this profession in the provincial capitals, for example the area near Corso dei Tintori a few steps from the Lungarno Fiorentino.
Here begins our journey to produce our watchrolls among the best leather goods in Florence and Lucca where we have been able to discover for you the best artisans of Italy.

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